August 30, 2008

Woo-hoo! A blog for little o' me..

A lovely sunny day, Lots of ideas floating around in my head (which are hard to capture at the moment) and a happy seven - year - old eating pita with hummus nearby...

After a VERY full summer spent galavanting all over the continent, from Ontario, Canada all the way back to our home in California, we are all in a bit of shock being thrown back into the real world...But I am rather eager to start creating again. Making beautiful things.

But first...the recent past:

a lovely Mexican-inspired wall in a Santa Fe, New Mexico shop

Spray-painted cadillacs planted in the ground (Texas)

again, lovely Santa favourite

Arches National park, Utah

and last, the magical Mesa Verde, home to Pueblo indians nearly 900 years ago (Colorado)

Time to drink lots and lots of tea again (-:

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