June 28, 2011

Jude is 2!!

Happy birthday to my little one! I do love you so (:


How do two years go by so fast? My heart is gladdened and saddened at the very same time (:

June 26, 2011

Art show on Friday!

I am delighted to be participating in an outdoor art show this Friday!
It is Canada day, so I am hoping the turnout will be a good one, with families 'camping out' in the park and along the Port Perry waterfront, awaiting the evening firework show (:
I am busy busy printing out greeting cards and art prints, labeling and adding tags..Yay!
The whole week is going to be an exciting one truly, with this show on Friday, Jude's SECOND birthday on Tuesday and Isabella's last day of grade five on Wednesday (: Fun times!

June 24, 2011

It's a boy!

Jason and I just returned from my 20 week ultrasound and we have discovered that we are going to have another boy! Wow. I was so sure it was a girl, I don't know why..But I thought the same thing when I was pregnant with Jude.

His due date is 11-11-11

He smiled twice during the ultrasound! Here is one of those smiles (:

I love how you can see the spine. So awesome.

Baby feet!

So, I had all these totally awesome girl names picked out but not so many for-sure boy ones. I suppose I will be busy with this new task ~ picking out names is fun (: Any suggestions are most welcome!


June 23, 2011

Random photographs and musings from our time in Maple Leaf

Kisses through mosquito netting (:

Gifts from the meadow

Fun on the ATV

My favourite window (:

Bella playing the drum

We saved this little turtle fellow from being squished on the highway

Hoola hooping!

Nature spirit in the grass

The pretty view at 'Eagles Nest' lookout, peering at Bancroft from high, high up

Pretty rapids

Parading wild grouse

Wild rabbit!

Isabella doing one of her favourite things in all the world

Blessed by a dragonfly (:

Jason reading in the yoga swing

A nap and some tea

Isabella took this neat photo through the window

She also took this beautiful picture of my Mom (:

Jude playing the blues

More napping

Jude the eager helper (:

Mom in her element (:

Jude and his #1 favourite toy in the whole world (:


June 22, 2011

Tea House!

In the little town of Ormsby we happened upon 'The Old Schoolhouse Tea Room'. Once a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse, the building showcases antique furniture, desks, teapots, school books and teacher materials. Entering into this place is like taking a step backwards in time. We thought it especially fun that your order is to be written on a chalkboard slate! If ever you find yourself in the Bancroft area, definitely pop in. It's absolutely lovely (:

June 21, 2011

swimming in the wild

While vacationing in Maple Leaf we found this gorgeous, remote spot to do a bit of swimming. The day was warm, the chomping bugs were minimal, and we were alone there nearly the entire time. Lovely lovely (: This was Jude's first real introduction to 'big water' as he doesn't remember his California days. He loved it. A free spirit (: Isabella has always been a genuine water spirit and she was so so happy to be in the water after our long winter! I love happening upon magical nature spots that are off the beaten path (:
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