March 28, 2010

Nine months!

My baby is nine months old today ^__^
To celebrate, we went as a family to the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA.. Ok, we didn't really go there to celebrate Jude's little birthday, but we did have a lovely day (: We took a tour of their factory and got some free jelly beans! Even Jude got a bag, just for him. He was delighted. He played with that bag the whole way home (: (and then I ate them)

March 23, 2010

featured!! (:

I have some great news! Susan of Blackbirds and Bumble Bees has included my OOAK Matryoshka doll on her blog post (: Isn't that lovely? (: Check out the link here!
Thanks Susan!

March 18, 2010


I have been working at this computer for the morning and afternoon doing research, writing emails and filling out and printing government forms in anticipation of our summer move back to Canada (: While the end result of all this document-heavy workload is wonderful and happy indeed, the process is indeededly NOT. My brain is feeling all wiggy and my shoulders are tense and achy from slouching over the computer..I have the worst posture, I know... But I am grateful that baby Jude has been courteous enough to take a long afternoon nap so that I could get my work done undisturbed, and when he wakes, I cannot wait to grab him up and wisk him outside for a much-deserved walk in the lovely, jasmine-scented air of our neighbourhood. I am going to miss living in California, but it will be so sweet to take tea with my Mom and chat endlessly at her kitchen table again (:

I took this photo when we were at Drakes Beach at Point Reyes. Two of these hopefulls were eyeing our picnic blanket but alas, we had brought no food ;-) I rather like crows. My dad had a pet crow when he was a boy. It flew with him on his way to school each day. He had stolen it out of its' nest and raised it as his own. He loved birds. He had a bunch of pigeons as well, which he kept in a hollowed-out bomb casing which his father had repurposed for him when they still lived in Holland. Unfortunately for him, his mother cooked them when he was at school one day. She was not the nicest of mothers. I imagine that there is more to this story than the hurtful memories of my father as a small boy, Like the fact that there were 8 children in the family and times were extremely tough; They ate a lot of potatoes ~ The 'pigeon meal' was most likely necessary. I do love the stories of my lineage (:

Ok, almost done with the document printing..1:45 and I have only eaten a bowl of cereal. I'm HUNGRY!!! (: I'd best be offffffffffffff.....

March 15, 2010

Note to self::

Lately it seems as if my little world is spinning at an alarming pace. I forget certain things which are so very important. So, I am going to make a list, for that I can help myself to remember (:

~ pet the Bunny. It makes you feel peaceful and she will be happy too.
~ Drink more tea. It's one small way that you can treat yourself.
~ MORE ART IS NEEDED. Self-explanatory.
~ Note to self concerning the 'More Art is Needed' - This doesn't mean art specifically created with selling in mind - This means the art of living, The beauty of every day actions...Little things ~ creative things..Don't forget this!
~ Spend more time on the patio. Sun is healing and promotes positivity.
~ Burn white sage. Clear the air, and the energy. Just do this.
~ Play with Jude. Even when there is a mess on every floor, laundry, dishes, and a million other things to do. His joy will bring about your own bliss (:
~ Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. And drink water! Even if you're really overwhelmed and busy, these things will make you feel awesome so you'll feel empowered and able to dance through your day.
~ Practice breathing. Do this every time there is a lull, Even if it lasts only but a moment.
~ Don't go on this computer!! Do something else instead. Preferably something new or creative.

That will do for the time being. A good start (:

March 14, 2010

Spring doth approacheth..

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes, and the grass grows by itself”
~ zen quote

"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in,
where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul."
~ John Muir

"If you've never been thrilled to the very
edges of your soul by a flower in spring
maybe your soul has never been in bloom."
~Audra Foveo

"To be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in the spring---
these are some of the rewards of the simple life."
~John Burroughs

March 12, 2010

How is it possible??

How is is possible that one day you will be a man ~ with a beard ~ and a life all your own?

The very thought of this baffles me entirely...

Sweet baby one. My little Jude..

I love tha Dalai Lama!


March 11, 2010

Point Reyes..again (:

Last weekend we ventured out to Point Reyes again. We went to Drake's
Beach ~ a new spot for us ~ and had a lovely time. Jason headed for the more
remote area of the beach looking for treasures while Isabella, Jude and I hung out
in the surf (: We had a picnic blanket spread out on the sand in a little alcove,
protected from the wind, but little Jude was so excited to be at the beach that he
spent much of his time scooting along the beach touching the sand and seaweed,
and riding on my hip as I dodged the waves (:
When the wind got a bit too boisterous for our liking, we ordered hot chocolates
at the ocean-side cafe and warmed ourselves before heading back home.
We try to do fun things on the weekend as a family, but it's something of a challenge
given that Jude seems to hate car rides. Isabella loved going in the car as an infant;
She would nod right off to sleep as soon as the car started moving and sleep as long
as we drove. Not Jude; He cries and fights as we strap him in, then fusses while we
drive, and if he gets even the least bit hungry or bored, watch out ~ Screamfest.
Last weekend, for some odd reason, he was actually calm and well-behaved during our
travels. I hope this is the way of the future (knock on wood) because Jason has a big
itch for travel, and Bella and I enjoy getting out and about too..Jude seems happiest
when he's out in nature for sure. (:

March 8, 2010

thoughts. random. (:

I am listening to Antonín Dvořák's 'Song to the Moon' while Jude sleeps on the couch nearby; Our day was lovely, spent alomst entirely out-of doors (: I had pleasant errands to run; a trip to the pharmacy to buy some envelopes, the post office, the health food store for seaweed and tea, the bank for much-needed laundry quarters...Upon our arrival home, Jude was peacefully napping in the moby and so I took the opportunity to call my Mom; We talked for over two hours. I love my Mom so much, and I cannot tell you just how terribly I miss her each and every day. I took her and Jude onto the patio, where the doves, chickadees and finches visited us (: When he finally awoke, Jude played with the 'outside broom' for a great while, trying his best to sweep the ground, and then we came inside to play with robot blocks (:
This is my favourite song right now ~ 'Spiegel im Spiegel' by Arvo Pärt ~ So pretty! It makes me cry. Yes. I have tears in my eyes right now because it is playing. Beautiful. Here is a little bio on him from
"Arvo Pärt (born 11 September 1935 in Paide, Järva County, Estonia) is an Estonian composer, often identified with the school of minimalism and more specifically, that of “holy minimalism” or “sacred minimalism”. He is considered a pioneer of this style, along with contemporaries Henryk Górecki and John Tavener."
Anyway, I am all over the place..Life is good. I suppose that is the underlying theme of my blog today (: A good one methinks.. Jason and Isabella should be walking through the door any minute and I am only just having my lunch now ~ I have been so busy-busy, I forgot about my stomach. I did drink three cups of tea though. I do love tea (:
I hope your Monday has been lovely (: Our weekend was rather eventful..I shall post about it in the morrow!
~ Arvo Pärt ~

March 5, 2010

nature walk

We are lucky enough to live near this wonderful public garden here in Oakland, within a
few minutes' walk. For over a year we lived here before I even came across it, and when I
did, I was astonished at such a treasure, hidden in plain view! It hosts community gardens of
vegatables, flowers, and herbs, a Japanese garden, palm garden, bonsai garden, herb garden,
cacti, a little 'forest', and more (: The day Isabella and I discovered it, we were taking a long
walk together around the neighbourhood. I was homeschooling her then, and tried to make our
days as beautiful as possible by spending afternoons outdoors. We consequently visited the
garden nearly every day after that, having picnic snacks under the shady trees, writing poetry in
the Japanese garden, and studying the names of flowers and herbs and jotting them down in little
notebooks along with illustrations. It was a treasured time. The garden is much the same now,
although the meaning has shifted with time. Now I bring Jude with me in the late mornings
and we stroll our way through, his cozy little body wrapped snug in the Moby wrap and me
relaxed and peaceful with the gift of an hour of peaceful quiet and reflection. The next time we
go, I plan to bring a thermos of hot tea. The pictures above include images of the garden and
the stroll back home (: Jude likes to touch the trees. Isabella still hugs trees..She spent much of
January hugging the discarded Christmas trees strewn across the sidewalks of our neighbourhood,
saying hello to them. And goodbye.

March 2, 2010

I believe

My imagination is filled with thoughts of gnomes and forest-keepers lately. Happy! Is it ridiculous that I believe in gnomes and faeries? I do not think so, although some would have you believe that they are indeed, not real. Silly people. I recall fondly the afternoon when I was tending my little garden far in the back of my parents' property. Stooped over, weeding and nurturing my flowers and vegetables, I heard a faint giggle coming from somewhere nearby. It was loud enough that I was certain my mind did not, indeed, conjure the sound. I stayed where I was, continuing my tending work, and pretended I didn't notice (I didn't want to let on that I had 'the hearing') It went on for a minute or so more, the sound waving in and out like a gentle breeze. No, I never heard it again but I believe. And when Isabella was much smaller and we walked to the furthest back corner of the land many times each week, tucking small gifts of berries, freshly-baked muffin pieces and little notes into the opening of the largest tree, we were astonished to find a tiny, perfect jawbone with tiny, little teeth in the very same spot one day. We think it is that of a fieldmouse, although we looked all around the area and found no other bones. A gift back. ^__^

by the way, this sweet keeper-of-the-forest and a few of her sisters will soon be found in my etsy shop (:

March 1, 2010

The lovely Bella

She is nine.
What does nine mean?
Well, for one thing, Pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts have become the preferred
articles of clothing, replacing the long skirts and dresses that a mother so loves...):
Darn it!
Oh well...I am content to say that I made the most of that one while I could!
Oh, but isn't she lovely? My nine~year~old, My brilliant scholar, my intense and
creative lover of anything containing sugar (;
my avid dramatic, beautiful, wise, goofy girl (-:
Raising her has been a joy. And now I have a boy,, Two gifts..
Two wonderfully, precious, beautiful, sacred gifts.
I am so blessed!
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