October 31, 2009


For Halloween this year, Isabella has chosen to be a spy cat. Not just a regular cat ~ She may look like a regular cat but she is really a spy. Don't be fooled.
Jason and I painted her face yesterday afternoon for her school's Halloween parade, taking turns until she looked just right. We will do the same today in readiment for trick-or-treating. I am excited to paint Jason's face as well (-: We are planning to go out as Dia De Los Muertos candy skulls..Until the big evening event arrives, we will carve our big, beautiful orange pumpkins, Isabella will be helping our friend and neighbour with the making of Halloween cupcakes, baby naps will take place (essential) and of course, face painting  and dressing up will commence (-:

October 29, 2009

life snippets

all taken this very morning...life...my very own (-:


Jude (-:

...more baby Jude pictures (-: Oh, he is so delicious and cute...
He is getting nice and plump..

immense gratitude

there is so much to be grateful for. so much beauty in this life. it makes me want to laugh and cry.


October 22, 2009

Yay! New works!

yay! yay! yay!

Cutie Patootie

This little munchkin has been laughing more and more lately,
his favourite inspirations being 'raspberry' sounds, burps, zerberts,
and the clap sound we make when he 'gives me five'..
Very cute.

His night-time sleeping has been a bit crazy.
Up every single hour, wanting to nurse,
irritable and uncomfortable and completely, all-around
non-peaceful. I am wondering if his teeth are coming in.

Yesterday I walked to pick Isabella up at her friends' house after school.
I wrapped Jude up into the MobyWrap and we strolled downtown.
Overall, I carried him in there for an hour and a half and he was calm and
awake the entire time! Such a good little travel-buddy (-:
We took Isabella to the public library because we saw that their
Dog reading program was happening and we were hoping to visit our
favourite dog Griffin. As luck would have it, the child who was scheduled
 to read with Griffin never came, so Isabella read him a book about cats.
He is a very sweet dog - he snuggled up against her and drifted off to sleep.
Jude was very sociable, smiling at the librarian and cooing softly at the
rows of books. When we neared our street, he finally dozed off.
I made dinner once we got in, did the dishes and prepared school lunches.
I do love baby-wearing ♥ It makes so much sense. And it is so very cozy.

This picture is almost two years old now ~ Isabella reading to Griffin ♥
I didn't realize they had been friends that long (-:

Today I hope to finish some creative tasks that I have been slowly working on.
Jude is busy working as well; practicing his grasping of various objects, rolling,
putting things in his mouth, standing and sitting with a bit o' help,
smiling and laughing. Cute (-:

October 20, 2009

good day

I know this because when I looked in the drawer this morning, my favourite spoon was there,
I used it to eat my oatmeal (-:

Jude is four months old (-:

I love him so much!
Even when he wakes me up at 1 am and won't go back to sleep ~
It's 2:30 am now and I have given up trying to encourage him back into dreamland.
He is on the couch beside me wriggling and jabbering to himself...
I do hope he finds a better sleep pattern soon. sigh.

The night is rather lovely.
Truly, I have always been a night owl, having inherited the trait from both my mother and father.
They currently stay up all night and head off to bed at dawn. I followed the same schedule for years,
the company of teacup after teacup warming me in the cool night as I sat at the kitchen table writing
and drawing and chatting with my Mom. Those were the happiest of days (-:
An immensely creative time.

And now I sit here yet again in the cool night air, a burbling baby beside me, lights off,
husband sleeping (hopefully).
The next time this happens, I should like to pull out my ink and brushes and get some work done.
But hopefully this won't happen again.

October 19, 2009

new look!

Yes, I was bored of my old etsy banner, so I created a new one, and then I made one for here as well (-:

Currently, Jude is relaxing in his baby swing, listening to the rain falling down, making plop-plop sounds on the patio.

I'll be darned; The patio is flooding.

I'd best attend (-:

October 16, 2009

October 13, 2009

♥ giveaway at gardenmama (-: ♥

I love coming across blog giveaways, especially lovely handmade treasures. They are the best!

So here's one, hosted at Garden Mama's blog ~ Sweet, hand-knitted toys and a garland too, Waldorf-inspired and made with love by Down In The Meadow. You should go see and maybe try and win (-: fun!


rain rain

Rain is falling, the gentle sound lulling baby Jude to sleep. He has woken from his afternoon nap at least five times now, and hearing the rhythmic sound of rain droplets dancing on the patio, has fallen back into the most peaceful slumber.

I have lit two candles.
Relaxedly finished a drawing with brush and ink.
Enjoyed lunch.
Brought two pieces of pumpkin pie to our neighbours to enjoy.

I love the rain.

October 12, 2009

15 weeks

These are Jude's latest pictures; His dapper, 15 week photo shoot (-: My darling, darling boy (-:

happy thanksgiving (-:

...If you are Canadian that is, which I very much am ~ even though I happen to live in California (: It has been three years that I have missed eating pumpkin pie with my family in Canada, but I always make one here for us to enjoy together. The hallowed pie happens to be in the oven at this very moment...Exciting!

I have been in a jolly baking mood as of late. The whisperings of autumn ignite this passion in me. On Friday, I baked banana-blueberry-raspberry-blackberry bread and Isabella and I enjoyed it with 'cream earl grey' tea flavoured with a touch of honey and soy milk.

I taught Jude how to make the perfect cup if tea this morning. He liked watching me pour in the honey and the clinking sounds of the spoon as it stirred. He even helped me prepare for pie making, shaking the evaporated milk and pointing to the recipe's directions. He is very smart for a 15-week old baby (-: He got extremely exhausted at the prospect of actually making a pie, so he decided to rest while I did all the hard work (-:

Wow, I can really feel the autumn spirits beckoning. Is there a more magical time of the year? I think not. We got our pumpkins over a week ago now ~ Three big, deep orange ones. Very Halloween-y. I love them. I am not quite sure what mine will become as I carve it,, It's usually just whatever comes out. I'm not much of a planner...

Oop! Just ten more minutes and my lovely pie baby can come out of the oven! Yay!

Happy thanksgiving!

October 11, 2009

Brown owl

This guy is off to start a new life, lucky guy (-:

I hope he likes his new home..
I'm sure he will (-:

October 2, 2009



My favourite of all..besides winter of course (-:

We have yet to bring home our pumpkins..I am excited. I love pumpkins!
I am hoping for a white or blue one..An orange one would warm my heart though, any day.

I'd best be off ~ Time to fix myself a mug of hot spiced apple cider!
This wonderful magical autumn-ness comes and goes so quickly,
One must enjoy all its splendours while they can (-:
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