June 18, 2015

So much!

Here are some of the sheep I felted during the winter months.

A sweet photo I snuck of my Mom and Ollie.

My sister came for a visit, and as is always the case, yoga happens!

Ollie and Noble, out for a walk.

Jason caught a groundhog and relocated him ;)

A beautiful springtime sky over our little world.

Planting potatoes.

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

We got seven coturnix quail! Here is one of them as a chick.

Gramma and Grampa came to visit all the way from Pennsylvania!

Here Grampa Tony is helping Jason to put up the sheep's fencing. The job was a BIG one and took a good four days! Thank goodness we had the help!

Chicken pot pie!

Gramma Carol reading the boys a book.

Jude's collection of plants from around the yard, in vintage bottles he and Jason discovered suring walks through the nearby woods.

My little tigers, walking in the May forest.

My big babies.

Here is the moment when the sheep were finally released from the barn, after being shut up in there since December. They went straight to the edge of the grass and were so happy! Jason and his Dad did a beautiful job on the fence!

One of our snake neighbours. We have A LOT of snakes!


Our main vegetable garden in May.

Apple blossoms!

Jude churning butter!

Ollie's boots may be a bit big for him!

One of the best getups Ollie has ever worn, I think ;)

Jude walking with the ducks.

Jude hugging his special duck Gretel. Sadly, she died a few weeks ago. It was heartbreaking for Jude as he loved her so, so much. The following morning, we buried her and planted a lilac bush over her. He kept a few of her feathers, and has been painting pictures in ink with them.

Jason made this lovely lunch for himself one day: morel mushrooms that he found in the woods and a bunch of tiny button quail eggs.


I sewed and hung a mosquito-tent in our front porch, so we can actually sit and relax and not get devoured by bugs. We took out the furniture and sheared Pippin (sheep) in there too. It worked beautifully! He didn't even want to go back to the pasture afterwards!

The best place for tea!

Jude took this picture :)

Jason mowing, and the boys running around.


Ollie. This is his before picture. He had been begging me for weeks to cut his hair, as people everywhere we'd go would comment how beautiful "she" was! He is only 3 years old, but he did NOT like being mistaken for a girl.

After. A very happy boy.

And the curls went in a jar!

Indigo bunting! He likes to fly repeatedly against Jason's studio window for some reason. What a beautiful boy!

Fun with the new chicks! We have 29 of them!

Ollie loves the black ones the best. He says they are the most snuggley.

Jude seems to be something of a bird-boy. He loves them, and they seem to reciprocate. Chickens, quail, ducks..It's beautiful.

The usual. Art at the table!

Broken-winged butterfly.

Jason's trellis for growing beans, peas and cucumber!

Marigolds on the garage :) Yellow flowers make me happy.


Part of the flower garden, right by the front door. The previous owners left us various homemade garden decorations, like the birdhouse on a post here :) They are such lovely people.

The main vegetable garden at the beginning of June. It's amazing that Jason dug the entire thing with a shovel. No tiller, just sweat and muscle. And there are more garden beds further up the hill which you can't see in this picture!

Here is the fluffy cloud of Woolly Pippin and Teapot's best wool drying in the kitchen. We still have four more sheep to shear. We are planning on doing that this weekend!

Blocks, always the favourite.

A wee pirate drawing a treasure map :)

The past couple months have been an insane whirlwind of clearing the pasture, digging the garden beds, building trellises, putting up fencing, repairing the barn, etc, etc, etc. It's wonderful to be starting fresh, but starting is a lot of work! With the fencing and gardens in though, we can take a bit of a breather before tackling the next thing on our list :)
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