January 21, 2010

lovely (-:

I forgot to post this picture before; It's a sweet photo taken by the new owner of two gnomes I made -
Here they are in their happy new gnome home! Luckies.. (-:


January 6, 2010

Jude and the tree

It's January 6th and we are still enjoying our beautiful Christmas tree ♥
When I was growing up, we would often keep the tree until February or even March! And when we actually dragged the tree from the living room, all the needles would pour off. Haha. Good times (-: It was my Mom ~ She couldn't bear to let the Christmas tree go, She loved it that much.


January 5, 2010

Blog features!

This lucky lady and her sweet bunny have been featured in two blogs today! Funny that (-:
Thanks to Jennifer Hayes Art and Momichka for the wonderful support (-:


January 3, 2010

post-happy (-:

The opportunity to sit for a moment and weave together a blog post has been near impossible for quite a while.
Or anything really. I am getting the passionate "I need to create, to play, to feed my spiritual self, to be more simple" feeling,, Needing to nourish my soul.
So, I am going to mention a few things that truly bring me joy. Just because. Jude is sleeping in my lap and I have this sacred moment, just for me. It is a rarity.
My greatest joys right now:

hot chocolate with baby marshmallows
classical music
my wonderful new camera which Jason gifted upon me for Christmas (-:
tea. always tea.
slow walks outside
my cool handmade broom collection (Three so far)
my vintage aprons which are currently packed away and hiding but of which I think of often nonetheless
phonecalls to my beautiful Mother, so very far away in Ontario
thoughts of snow
peaceful moments
friendly, open, smiling people that I pass on the street
cool breezes and chimney smoke
my wonderful red Tibetan pants


my baby-child happens to be six months old...

Six months! I don't know how that happened!
Baby Jude is pretty cute (-:
His favourite things are:
- milk
- being carried around in the moby wrap
- sitting up
- playing with pretend food
- laughing at balloons, knee-tickles, and his big sister
- nature walks
- bare feet
- baths
- showers
- being out and about
- looking cute
- smiling

walk with me in a Japanese garden

Pueblo Blessing (-:

"Hold on to what is good -
Even if it is a handful of earth
Hold on to what you believe
Even if it is a tree that stands by itself
Hold on to what you must do
Even if it is a long way from here
Hold on to life
Even if it is easier to let go
Hold on to my hand
Even if I have gone away from you."

~Pueblo blessing~

thanks to my friend Jenny for sharing (-:
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