November 8, 2016


For Halloween this year we did things a little different.
Jude has celiac disease which basically means he can't eat any Halloween candy aside of a few meager choices. We knew that going in but the boys LOVE to dress up and go trick or treating, so we brainstormed a few treats we could make ourselves and had a lovely little party once we returned home on Halloween night, trading in the collected contraband candy for the homemade gluten-free treats. There was vampire poop (melted chocolates with almonds and crushed GF corn flakes in them), mummies brains (Rice Crispy treats essentially, with a bit of pink colouring and using GF crispy rice cereal, shaped into brains), and GF gingerbread cookies, just because.
Jude loves to be scary. He had been planning his costume for months.
Ollie is more of a free spirit, and threw together his costume the day of.
Jason did a wicked job of painting Jude's face to look like a truly terrifying skeleton while Ollie opted to do his own face :)
It was fun, a lovely time! We all love the experience of going door-to-door and meeting different people in our community, marveling at the other children's costumes and the Halloween houses. I truly look forward to it every year!

Autumn, be still my heart! xo

Autumn is my absolute favourite season, but it goes by so darned fast!
Already, the leaves have all fallen and the trees are bare. It even snowed once!

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