April 22, 2012

pets and wild things

This is Talulah. She is the newest member of our family and we love her to bits! She has only been with us for four days but somehow it seems like she has been here forever. Funny that. She's a pygmy goat, so she's pretty small but has a very impressive beard. I can't wait to braid it!

This is our visiting fox-fellow. He lazes about on the yard eating frogs, mice and voles. I'm glad he makes his presence known, as it readily reminds us what extreme measures of safety are to be taken when letting Mabel (bunny) outside in the run, and what we need to do to keep our chickens safe one day. He's gorgeous.

We have tons of turkeys strutting about, down the driveway and in the front and back yard!

Here's Jude snuggling with Mabel in the rabbit/goat/used-to-be dog run. She is so much happier bouncing about in the sun than bored in her cage inside. I'm so glad spring has come so she can go outside!

Mabel again. She's so pretty that I had to include a close-up. I love her ears. We got her from a shelter in Oakland back when we lived in California so we don't really know how old she is or what her beginnings were, but since she's been with us (four years now I think) she's gotten sweeter and sweeter. Look how she's snuggled right up to Jude! And he's two years old! That's some serious trust and tolerance on her part (:

Silly raccoon stuck up in a tree, waiting for us to go inside the house so he can figure out how to get down again (: He was likely thieving our compost bin.

I love where we live. There is so much going in the natural environment (and in our world of pets!) Next will be the chicks. We have ordered 8 baby chickens (four different breeds) from the local feed store and will be picking them up at the beginning of May, just a day old! I can't wait!

April 20, 2012


I dreamt about my Gram last night. Her name was Constance Mary (: She pops into my dreams from time to time... It usually seems that she's still here on the earth, and as we go about our daily lives she is there, watching us and staying near. She passed away 19 years ago now but it really doesn't seem like that long. The heart remembers in a timeless way, does it not?
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