November 23, 2011

life stuff

Some of our newest regular visitors ~ They have come right up to the house in groups of ten or more!

..reminding me to be give thanks for my blessings ~ which are so many!

Christmas is coming! Bliss (:

Frosty mornings

Happy visits with Grandma~Jude


My most wondrous creations in all the world (:

love love love

Ollie napping beneath pretty crocheted flowers made by Jenny (:

Sweet wonderful Ollie ~ the most peaceful baby I have ever met (:

My birthday happened amidst the new baby celebrations

Blissed-out napping in Ollie's hammock-bed

Life is indeed beautiful

To my American friends, a most wonderful Thanksgiving to you (:

November 19, 2011

Here at last! (:

~~ Oliver Moss ~~
Born Friday morning at 1:08 am after a short ~ but intense ~ labour (-;
9 pounds, 5 ounces


November 15, 2011

snippets of our new home (:


Something I brought from Oakland (:

My favourite place to sit when the fire is going

Our ceiling (and the absolutely awesome baby hammock gifted to me off freecycle)

Jason's birthday present ~ a wooden owl mask (:

Blessing above all blessings

Happy fridge art

What I look at while eating breakfast

woven newspaper baskets I made years ago

Glorious maple wood ~ ready for the woodstove this coming winter

Hanging in wait of chilly weather

Jude's 'inside' tricycle

Cutie pie (:

I try to put just about everthing in a basket. I love baskets, probably too much (-;

I love our new home so much. We have been here a month now and yet it feels like we have always been here in some deep-rooted way. Even the land speaks to me of my belonging here, of my connection to this place. I cannot wait to make the outdoors pretty, as it has been basically sitting in wait for about 10 years. Renters have come and gone but no one has tended it in the way it deserves. A treasure. A hidden one, as my Mom declared upon first visiting. For now, as I gently ready for the birth of my third babe, I am in bliss.


November 12, 2011

first snow

first snow -
breathtaking moments
melting away

~ Hatsu Yuki ~

Last night it snowed and it was so pretty; It was late, but I alerted Isabella who was already tucked into bed because I knew she would appreciate such a sacred seasonal miracle as 'the very first snow'. Jude was bundled up and we all went out into the night to feel the chill and watch the falling whiteness.

November 9, 2011

recent good things..

Jude and I on our driveway (:

Gathering kindling! Jude is a very willing helper if pulling the wagon is part of the plan (:

We are still finding caterpillars! Here in the woods there are sweet fat brown and black ones that Jude adores (:

Our living room at night ~ it is so pretty (: I love it (:

Isabella was a dead dancer for Halloween..

Pretty (:

Jason painted Jude's face with leaves (always an easy, quick favourite for Halloween!)

And then he dressed in a pumpkin costume! Same as last year..and just as cute!

Jack-o-lanterns on the mantle above our glorious woodstove (:

Jude loved scooping out the pumpkins and then filling them again. He did this last year also, the activity showing itself to be very cathartic and engaging for him (: He doesn't usually stay with a task for an extended period of time, so it was a lovely thing to watch him work happily at scooping for 45 minutes or so!

Isabella's proud stash.

Jason has been busy gathering wood and kindling..

Piled up outside the front door, they are beautiful indeed.

And yes, a beautiful bark dress of mine (:


November 8, 2011

39 weeks pregnant!

As I sit to write this little blog post, I am actually three days away from my due date.
I know that due dates are inconsequential, having gone a week over with both of my other pregnancies, but still, it is very sobering, and shocking, and exciting to be so close to the end! And the beginning! (: I am so glad we are settled into our new home already; my heart pours out with gratitude for the gifts of flow and support that I have been floating around in this past month (:

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