November 22, 2015


Last week we celebrated both Ollie's fourth birthday, and my own. Our actual birthdays land two days apart, but as mine fell upon a Friday, we had a double celebration and my Mom and sister drove up to take part in the special day. It was simple, really. The strict gluten-free atmosphere of our home dictates that Jason and I prepare meals ourselves, so that is what we did: Slow-roasted homegrown chicken and potatoes, gluten-free buns with butter, a mixed green salad with freshly made dressing, and for the grand finale, a two-layer chocolate and vanilla cake with gluten free cookie crumbs sprinkled on top of the icing, and ju-jubes decorating the cake's edge. Ollie was a happy birthday boy!

Sweet Ollie! How we love him so!

November 9, 2015

just a normal day

Jason was working in the garden, preparing it for winter and Jude and Ollie were rolling down the hill together. Just a normal day :)

November 3, 2015

Original paintings on antique barn wood ~ A collection of my newest works!

I finally added the newest works in my 'barnboard paintings' collection to my etsy shop!
Utilizing the antique floorboards from our heritage barn as canvases, with ink I paint such natural wonders as flowers and plants, mushrooms, feathers, birds and creatures of the forest.

For more info, please visit my online shop!

November 1, 2015


Here he is donning a fabulously fashionable feed sack!
My guys will try to wear just about anything, as Bella did when she was little :)
I am so glad I have a camera, as I love to capture the silliness of childhood!
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