December 24, 2009

♥ Merry Christmas! ♥

Happy Holidays to you!

I hope your days are filled with magic and unbelievable joy (-:


December 16, 2009

illness has descended upon us...

First Isabella, then Jason, then Isabella again, then me, and then......Jude.
I must say. he does not like being sick in any capacity. Poor him. Poor me. Poor Jason who has to go to work after hearing Jude wake up crying 10 times during the night.

Oh well. But isn't he just the cutest?

Thank goodness for the vegetable soup Jason made last night. And the divine loaf of ciabatta that he got at the store to accompany the soup. Wthout them, I would probably be in tears right now. I'm one tired Momma, but I am wise. I know this current state of affairs won't last forever.

The weather : grey and rainy
The baby : napping
The apartment : somewhat clean
The laundry : done yesterday thank goodness
The husband : soon to return home
The creativity : almost awake
The throat : immensely sore
The clothes : mismatched, comfy but clean at least
The lunch : eaten - it was delicious
The time : only 1:30 pm but it feels like a lifetime has passed since I first greeted the day
The Christmas spirit : very much alive (-:


December 15, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree

Yay! We got our Christmas tree on the weekend!

It's the absolutely most beautiful tree ever (-:

Happy holidays!

December 4, 2009

Jude and the tin cup (-:

spirits dwell here

Gnome spirits, that is..We are so lucky (-:

Isabella spotted this ghostly shape on the wall one morning as we were snuggling in bed, greeting the day.
Luckily, we caught this picture before he went on his way (-: I was quick!

December 3, 2009

Jude + Gnomey

Jude loves his gnomey. That's what the Basil gnome has come to be known as (-:
Jude smiles at him and kisses him ~
It brings me endless joy to watch him play with toys I have made..

The other pillow was initially given to Jason for his birthday two years ago.
It is much happier now that Jude has arrived, for he quite likes him,
and the tree bear that accompanied the 'soft rock'.
Jude is napping as I scramble to type down a few words here..Christmas music is playing
softly and there is orange~jasmine incence burning. Lovely smell. Lovely sound.
As the days zoom forward towards Christmas, I am warmed by the thoughts of my family,
so far away in Eastern Canada in their cold, snowy, glorious world...and I cannot say
just how joyous I am at the prospect of celebrating with them next year (-:
When I lived there and had a sunflower garden in front of the house, we would leave the
dried, exhausted giant 'Russian sunflower' stalks up and place winter hats upon their heads
to protect them from the snow, and sometimes a scarf..
I try to live in my moments as they come, but the bittersweet emotion of memory is so very
powerful at this time of year. I realize that my own dear children are gathering their own
memories, just as I have done, and I feel the importance of my role as memory-giver.


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