June 23, 2009


Well, hmm. Still no baby.

Yesterday happened to be the technical 'due date' for his birth by medical standards.

I don't get too fired up about such things, but my belly is rather large and I am so very ready to hold this wee lad in my arms...

The past week has been a lovely mish-mash of activities; We've gone to the beach, to the Oakland Zoo, to countless forests and nature-areas for hikes; We've walked around town, sought out new and hidden local destinations, gone out for dinner and ice cream and to the movies...I am attempting to be as active as possible in an effort to bring on my labour but apparently the time has not yet arrived. We've tried all the typical home remedies for bringing on labour (I would list them but they are a bit on the, uh, private side) and Jason took us all for a drive yesterday in which he steered the car over every pothole and bump in the road...
Still no baby.
I guess I need to refine my acceptance of patience.


June 20, 2009

no baby yet

On Friday we drove out to Agate beach.. A daring feat considering I am due to have this baby any day and we were stationed more than an hour away from home. Still, my womb seemed calm enough, so while Jason and Isabella strolled along the beach looking for agates, petrified whale bone and a crab, I made a nest on our picnic blanket and drew on rocks. Isabella was set on finding a crab that she could study, and Jason found her one under a bunch of rocks. She put the little guy in her specimen container and proceeded to draw, and then take notes on him. He was pretty grouchy but we let him go in the end. Not before she named him 'Blueberry' though (-:

June 15, 2009

any day (-:

I am baking some banana-strawberry bread as I write this and it smells absolutely wondrous in the oven (-:
Just fifteen minutes to go...

The past few days have been calm yet full. Isabella and Jason celebrated their last day of school on Friday, and we have been out and about ever since. We have strolled through the Botanical gardens, playground and petting zoo at Tilden Park, the Oakland public garden near our home, the Indian restaurant, Mexican restaurant, local shops and playgrounds. Isabella has been quite devoted to cleaning her room as well; reorganizing her various treasures, nature and rock collections, and letting go of things she no longer wants, so this is one of the tasks that has been taking place when we find ourselves at home.

Yum. The bread is done and I am being beckoned to play a vintage donkey card game so I will go.

Here are the two henna painting jobs Jason has done on my very round belly (-:
The henna paste is still on my skin in both photos and not yet removed; When washed off the finished design is much more subtle, Not so dark, but still very pretty. Fun (-:

The next time I write, I just may be holding a new babe (-:

June 11, 2009

more waiting

Overcast sky. South American flute music playing. Myrrh incense burning.

I just finished a bowl of watermelon and before that, put through two loads of laundry. They are in the dryer now. I have been busy this week; Cleaning and sorting and sewing. Readying.

I have sewn up a bunch of cloth diaper inserts, improved/embellished a few of the all-in-one diapers I received from a lovely freecycler with pretty flannels, washed the new diapers three times to make them soft and absorbent, and now, I am waiting.

We are all so excited to meet this wee baby boy (-:

Today happens to be the last day of school. Isabella is, of course, delighted!
Jason needs to pop in tomorrow for his last day, to finish packing up his classroom and teaching supplies for the summer. I cannot believe a whole school year has gone by, of which I have been pregnant for most of it! Time is a bizarre thing. I remember well Isabella and I riding our tandem bike through the streets to her school, Locking it up to both a lamppost and stop sign before we hiked up the final mammoth hill upon which her school stands. It was fun, although short-lived (-:
On the tandem, I would be huffing and puffing, my legs aching while Isabella hummed a happy little tune behind me. I had a feeling she wasn't really 'pulling her own weight' at the time but that's ok. It was great exercise, and readied my body for this even more athletic task of growing a healthy baby boy, who by the way seems to be getting rather large! I do hope he thinks it best to come out soon!

My poor ankles. I feel so very sorry for them. (-: Swollen beyond belief and Isabella has been making fun of them.

Soon. soon. soon.

June 8, 2009

much better...(-:

Well, it was as suspected. My day has been lovely and I am quite chipper. Hormones are indeed a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Jason stayed home from work today so we could have some time alone to just be. It was good. Our private moments are rare and soon they will be even more so. He henna painted my belly, although we missed a step in the preparation and so it didn't work out as planned but that's ok. We are considering it a practice run (-: and if the baby doesn't decide he is ready to make his grand appearance in the next while we will paint it again.

Just three more days of school for these guys and then it's summer fun for the three, er, four of us (-: I cannot wait to have them home with me more often. I do appreciate my alone time but I have to admit that I love having people around. I feel happier, more creative, more alive.

The birds on the patio are happily chirping and Isabella is awaiting my company for a pre-bedtime card game.


June 7, 2009

hormones suck

Rough day. No reason. Must be hormonal fluctuations. Intense fears regarding the health of the baby, the upcoming birth, the lack of readiness I seem to be feeling in preparation for his arrival. I know these sorts of thoughts are normal, and even healthy for a pregnant woman to be experiencing but that knowledge doesn't make it any easier for me. I am huge now. Strange men have been saying ridiculous things to me when we are in public places (for example, in the grocery store, "Would you pass me that 'watermelon' so I can ring it up" and "Whoa! You got twins in there? No? Wow, Are you sure??!!", waiting at the street corner, "Do you need a ride? I'm really worried about you!", and walking to the post office, "Looks like someone's about to drop!!!" I suppose these comments may sound somewhat endearing but I can assure you, they are wholly annoying.

My back is beyond sore, My pelvis feels like it is about to smash apart into 100 pieces, I can't manage to roll myself out of bed in the middle of the night to make yet another bathroom trip because of the excruciating pain, and I am so tiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrred. And grouchy. Poo. Bleh. Grrrrrrrrr. WAAAA!

We attempted to run errands this morning & afternoon, as I had a small list of the last few things needed before the baby comes. We went to a few different stores, only to come out with nothing. It was a fruitless trip and I was wholly deflated, and started to get really depressed that I wouldn't be ready, That everything wouldn't be perfect...Yes, I know, crazy pregnant thinking. And the thing is, I was fully aware of this and yet it made no difference. I hope this baby comes sooner than later because I am going crazy!

Of course, I will be totally fine tomorrow, even giddy. I love it.

Alrighty then, I am done with my little dance of complaint.


June 6, 2009


These last few moments, days, could be weeks I suppose..leading up to the birth of our baby seem to be endless. The same things happen day in and day out, and my ankles have reached a ridiculous new level of swelling. They actually hurt. But I know it will pass, as will all the other minor inconveniences that I find myself experiencing.

I have become quite obsessed with the art of cloth diapering, reading up on the internet the various ways to wash/care for them and what intricacies are required. I had no idea so much was involved and yet, I see that once a family's rhythm gets established, they are as simple a daily activity as washing dishes or making dinner. I cannot justify using disposables for this wee one, knowing all too well what it will do to this precious earth of ours, and so after considering other, more natural options, cloth has become the best choice.

Three separate people from freecycle have given us some really great, high-quality diapers which I am so grateful for. They are in awesome condition, many of which have never even been used, and if I had paid for the whole lot out of my own pocket, they would have all come to over 6oo dollars if you can believe it. So yes, we are blessed and have been helped by so many wonderful people on our journey towards babyhood (-:

Yesterday I spent a good while cutting up extra flannel recieving blankets, sewing them into three-layered diaper liners. Fun! I realize that I have failed to photograph any of the great things I have sewn for this little one, of which there are many pants, blankets and embellished shirts and onesies..

Just thoughts.

Mabel is doing her annoying morning floor-scratching routine so I had better release her from her cage. Rabbits, although voiceless creatures are not silent at all. In fact, she makes more noise than our three cats combined!

Happy weekend!

June 4, 2009


I have had some very interesting um, pains today, a nice bunch of them, coming and going...

They have stopped now, and I am left with a calm, euphoric-type feeling.


June 1, 2009

First of June, I'll be darned!

"Take your needle, my child, and work at your pattern -
it will come out a rose by and by.
Life is like that...
one stitch at a time, taken patiently."

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

I suddenly have the great urge to sew and create (-:
Have a blessed first day of June, everyone!
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