July 30, 2015

Summer goodness :)

Our front garden!

Fledgling woodpecker, sweet little guy.

St. John's Wort, picked from the wild and drying before being made into tincture.

Swimming in the lake!

Matilda loves being brushed :)

One of the boys' favourite daily activities; playing with the quails!

Fire Quail to the rescue!

We had a huge load of wood delivered; enough for a couple winters' worth of firewood.
We also have lots of hay in the barn. 

Firewood and hay - with those two things stacked and ready, we can relax a little.

An old bucket that we found buried deep in the pasture, and a poppy :)

The flower gardens make me SO happy :)


The main vegetable garden, plus my wonderful sheep :)

My old bike that I rode through the city streets during my art school years.

Drying sage, bee balm and calendula flowers on the drying rack.

At their request, I sewed each of the boys a medicine bag, and we took a long walk and collected nature things to help them be healers.

The summer has been very busy as we continue to build - and tend the gardens, care for the animals and such. In less than two weeks, I will be participating in the local artists' studio tour! I am working on some new artwork that I can share and sell. It has been very fun to gear for a studio tour (my first!). I hope it will be a wonderful experience :)

July 27, 2015

Mrs.Quail on her 4-wheeler

This is Jude's absolutely favorite quail. She is one awesome quail, I tell you.

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