March 30, 2013

March 26, 2013

It was lovely and warm on Sunday, despite there being tons of snow still, so Gypsy and I went for a little ride. I didn't bother to put on her saddle, just threw on her bridle and away we went. I love her so much (:

March 1, 2013

catching up!

A few photos of life recently (:
We built this happy fellow the day we had no electricity. As I have learned, it's better to be outside keeping active and busy than staying inside, freezing and grumpy! The power has gone out on us a few times this winter and it has been an elightening experience to say the least. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't also snowed in and could simply jump in the car and zip to Starbucks for steaming hot chai lattes, and it wouldn't be so bad if the little ones could understand why they have to wear their winter gear inside the house and not make a fuss about such things..! Ah, good times.

This is Roosty the rooster. Very unoriginal name, I know. We were actually going to find him a new home in the autumn but when the hens pecked his tail off, we set him up in a rabbit hutch in the barn to recoup. A few months later he had a most beautiful and poofy tail again, and he has turned out to be the sweetest rooster ever. We can pick him up and carry him around and he doesn't flap or peck at all.
Ollie loves to eat. Of my three children, he definitely gets the award for best eater!

He also likes to climb up onto just about anything, including the piano (-;

That's red marker on Jude's hands. We like to draw, but sometimes we get carried away and draw on our hands too.

Here is a picture of Ollie trying to figure out how to squirt the glue bottle. Unbeknownst to him, mama sees everything (-;

Jude has actually put Ollie to sleep by pulling him around in his sled!

Isabella and Roosty (:

How cute is that?

Having these cars inside for the winter has been a lot of fun, and a very good idea!

Jude is being silly. Isabella put this fabric scrap around his head at his request and then he did a happy dance, which we were able to capture on video. He really is quite the character.

Jude and Ollie beating up Daddy. Poor guy. It's hilarious that Ollie is actually sitting right on Jason's head.

Sweet Talulah snoozing in the sun (:

Isabella took this of Jude the day he was sick.

Ollie loves books!

Me 'n Ollie & bubbles (courtesy of Isabella)!

Me & Ollie again. I hold this guy so much in a day (: It's the best.

Yummy yum yum sushi rolls for dinner. I haven't quite perfected the art of getting the sweet potato/cucumber right in the middle of the roll every time, but I'm getting better! And they are delicious!

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