October 24, 2013

Into the woods again

Thank goodness for autumn! Now that the horrible, blood sucking mosquitos, black flies, medium sized biting flies, annoying flies that swarm in your face and other assorted nasty insects are GONE for the year, we can enjoy our lovely forest (: When we ventured out yesterday, the lambs came too. They were frightened in the woods (obviously) but I couldn't trick them into staying behind. In the end, we came back to the house and barnyard, waited until they were happily munching away, snuck out of view and then took a different route into the woods and got away without being followed (:

What I love the most about my nature walks with the little ones is the way in which they are transformed and quite honestly, blissed out for lack of a better term. The effect of the woods is amazingly apparent in Jude who tends to be a fiery, passionate being at the best of times, but place him in the forest and he's going on and on about how pretty the trees are and how lovely the smells are and how wonderful the quiet is, and then he'll tell me he loves me, sweet little guy, and I know this is his way of thanking me for giving him such a spirit-happy gift as a walk in our woods (:

October 22, 2013

painting, playing and such (:

Jude and I are loving the pumpkin-ness of this time of year (: We decided to make a couple jolly little pumpkin garlands to decorate our window. First, we painted large pieces of paper with orange paint, then drank tea while they were drying. Tea parties are awesome.

Ollie woke up from his very short nap and jumped right into painting!

I made the garland by folding the paper into a fan and then cutting out a pumpkin shape. Then Jude drew the most wonderful faces on each one, each unique (:

When we were finished, he drew tattoos on himself.

Then Ollie drew tattoos on himself too (:

And of course I needed some, so Jude gave me three; a chainsaw, a tree and a baby highchair.

Practicing letters (:

Playing with puzzles (:

October 16, 2013

A walk in the sumac forest

At the far, far edge of the pasture, over the little hill and towards the woods, there is a special place where the boys love to go. It is our very own little sumac forest. There is a pathway through the sumacs, likely made by deer, and it weaves in and around and along the old split-rail fence. There are 'rooms' inside the trees and for little boys, finding little rooms in a little forest is the most wonderful thing in the whole world (: When we venture there, the sheep follow us and bound across the meadow, leaping into the air and bouncing like little lambs (even though they are big, fat lambs now!) and it is one of my very happiest moments, every time it happens.

October 14, 2013

some of the chick'ns

White sussex pullets

Sleepy Easter Egger pullet ~ This one is my favourite (:

Free ranging!

Donning a lovely chicken apron..

I think this hen wins the award for grumpiest chicken. She is a tremendous grouch, and nearly impossible to catch! We didn't raise her ourselves, and her former owner clipped her wings. But isn't she so pretty in her apron? (-;

Welsummer pullet ~ I love her plumage!

Yep, this guy is pretty hideous! He's our Turken rooster (:

Handsome Easter Egger rooster

Cutie-patootie Faverolle pullet on her way to somewhere important (:

Sleepyhead hen dozing in the sun

Rhode Island Red

Golden Laced Wyandottes all in a line (:

Goofy Faverolle

Wyandottes in a line again!

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