October 30, 2008

oat bran cereal

Sometimes I have the urge to make a new post on this here ole' blog when I don't have much to say whatsoever! That is the condition of things today. I shall mention that when I returned home from dropping Isabella at school this morning I was famished and had a wicked craving for oat bran cereal with apples, honey and soymilk. This is not something I normally crave, but I thought it best to just go with it. So I cooked some up and it was absolutely delicious! Even the bubbly cooking oatmeal sounds brought me joy. Yay! I wish I had taken a picture.

October 29, 2008

Pre - Halloween Frivolity

Ohhhhh yes yes yes! The time is getting nearer and nearer and I looooooove it ^__^ We have been busy here in our cozy home creatively preparing...


October 27, 2008

Treasury goodness!

So, my artwork happens to be included in TWO etsy treasuries ^__^ YIPPEEEE!!!

October 23, 2008

PipoDoll on the front page of etsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy camole! Jason called me from work to let me know he saw this art print o' mine on the front page of etsy! I had no idea it had been included in a treasury, let alone put up on the front page! What a lovely bit of news to cheer my ole' heart ^__^

Thank you missindie for including me in your treasury (-:

October 21, 2008

New beautiful artwork!

I forgot to mention that I added new works to both my shops last week! Silly me! I also forgot to mention that a certain lovely artisan by the name of Jenny Karlsson included me in an etsy treasury, but it has already expired, and so I can add no link ~_~

But yay! Here are the new lovelies:

October 20, 2008

In the treasury!!

Yay for my wonderfully talented husband Jason!! His "Stella" painting is being featured in an etsy treasury:

Here! Here! The treasury is here!


It was a calm weekend spent locally, consisting of dinners at Los Cantaros, our wonderful neighbourhood Mexican food restaurant, walks into town ~ to the library, health food store, cafe, favourite shops and such. While I did sell two more art prints, not much creative bounty was produced but I am not worried. It is ready and waiting, safely tucked into my imagination; Soon to pour forth onto paper and fabric...

I have been drinking wonderfully healthy teas of nettle, dandelion root and raspberry leaves, and it gets me to thinking of how very much I love nature, Love the forest, Love the wildness of all things...

And now I'm off! I'll be traveling to Isabella's school, through the crazy Oakland streets on our tandem bicycle...


October 15, 2008

Oh boy!

I sold two prints today!!! What a wonderful way to start my day ^__^
It does indeed warm my little heart to know my work is going out into the world..

happy happy.

October 11, 2008

Saturday adventures

Wow, this day is flying by at warp speed! Here's what we've been up to so far::

Isabella and I made/ate breakfast (cereal, omelette, watermelon, tea)
We played with Pipo and the other toys (they were serenading one another)
I swept the apartment, fed the furballs and cleaned up
I showered while Isabella danced around in her underwear and played the drum
I posted some new things to my DaWanda shop and did some sketches while Bella played the piano to 'Imagine'
Bella wrote two letters (one for Grandma-Jude and one for her penpal Rachel)
We ate pb&j sandwiches and walked to the Farmer's Market
While there we:
ate gummy sharks
watched a capoeira demo and it was amazing!
ate kettle corn popcorn samples
got Bella a balloon poodle on a balloon leash
Then we hung out at Walgreens looking at all the scary Halloween stuff
We walked 20 minutes to the grocery store where we picked up two bags of pretty little gourds, the makings for two pumpkin pies, whipped cream and two vitamin waters
Once home we ate watermelon and played with the gourds
Isabella wrote about her fun day in her diary
..and now she is on the phone with her Grandma-Jude

I have tea brewing.

I love my little girl so much!

October 10, 2008

Girly weekend

Jason is off for three days on a rockhounding trip which has taken him 7 hours southeast from here and I am missing him like crazy. It's a good thing though; He has the burning desire to hunt for rocks and crystals and I simply don't have the notion, So while he is doing that I am here with my sweet little one, watching cute old Japanese movies, eating mini pizzas, playing at the park and milling around the small shops and library, drawing in our sketchbooks over yummy drinks at Starbucks and playing with Mabel. Fun. And to top it off, I think tomorrow will be ice cream day.

I was reading the children's book "Marshmallow" this morning by Clare Turlay Newberry and there is the loveliest little poetic quote near the end:

"A bunny's a delightful habit,
No home's complete without a rabbit."

so true ^_^

October 7, 2008


Wow! I just posted some art prints to my shop this afternoon and already one has been featured on a fellow etsian's blog...

Thank you EffieGirlyFinery for posting my artwork on your blog!

See it HERE folks n' friends!

New beautiful artwork!

I have been working on these three beauties for a bit and finally
got them finished and posted to my etsy shop. Hooray!

Mabel is my inspiration for this one above,
and my overwhelming love of winter, of course (-:

Ah yes, green tea. Picnics, peace, trees, autumn and nature. Lovely ^__^

October 4, 2008


Each night before bed, as I am sitting on the edge of Isabella's bed, we say a prayer of gratitude for all the good things in our lives. Isabella is always grateful for her dinner, for any yummy treats she acquires that day, for a fun art or music class at school,, She is grateful for Jason and I and our furries and any fun thing we do together... I'll make my own list for the time being:

I am grateful for:

Isabella, Jason, My Mom, Dad and sister
my dear friends and lovely people I meet along the way
the unconditional love of Mabel, Lily, Socrates and Blue (bunny and kitty friends)
delicious, warm, cozy tea
our home
the sun
the rain
our patio garden
my health and the health of my family
nature in general, I do love it so
my ability to create things and my joy in doing so
my life here in California
growing up in Ontario (I'm in tears, I love Canada so much)
kind, loving people who have open minds and open hearts
music, dance and art
the smells of flowers, wind, snow, grass, leaves, incense, lemons, cloves and campfires
campfires that go on late into the summer night
snow...is there anything more magical?
Christmas music
motherhood...this has been the best gift of all
the love of my family
great books
children's books
Burt's Bees lip balm
my little tea pot
different cultures and their wisdom
Isabella's smile and giggles

I have more, tons more but I need to get some work done (-:
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