October 25, 2011

where we live

What a whirlwind. What change. We are still adjusting and there is so much newness, it is really very overwhelming. The move was pretty crazy and stressful but it got done, and I have worked like a madwoman to get settled in, unpacked and organized before this wee one arrives. He has been very obliging, staying put while I haul, clean, sort, lift, carry and push furniture around (; The house is nearly ready. In just five days almost everything has been unpacked and put where it's supposed to be..Now we are starting to really settle in, to light fires in the evening and remember where the spoons are.. We literally live in the forest; It is SO quiet here. No cars. What an amazing thing.

October 9, 2011


our California apartment on moving day

We are moving! To a beautiful house in the north! I cannot tell you just how happy my heart is right now, and how full of gratitude I am for all the wonderful earthly/spirit gifts I have been given and continue to receive. Our move will take place in just one week, and at the same time I am readying for the arrival of my littlest babe. I hit the 35 week mark in my pregnancy today so really, it could be any day..but I do hope he waits until after we get settled in our new home! So much to do, so much on my plate, but so much joy (: It was only in June of 2010 that we made the big, cross-country (and continent) move from northern California to Ontario, and now, just a year and 4 months later, we are doing it again. I have to say, I very much abhor moving, especially with a baby or toddler in tow. Packing is going at a snail's pace and I am slow anyways with this big belly o' mine (-; But yes, it is SO worth it! Jason has not even seen the house yet, isn't that crazy? I have been up there twice already, and brought with me my Mom and Jude the first visit and my sis, Jude and Bella the second time. Jason is just so busy-busy (he has four jobs, for goodness' sake) ~ there hasn't been any time. So I have made all the decisions and arrangements, and for him this is all a big surprise (:

My right~now list:

finish sewing cloth diapers
pack pack pack pack pack
wash all the newborn clothes, blankets and baby carriers
buy socks for everyone (we all have holey socks!)
plan meals for the first few days in our new home, and make sure we have food there!
buy paint
buy brushes and rollers
lots more packing
give away more stuff on freecycle
wash pillows, blankets and mattress covers
pick a second name for the baby
reserve a moving truck
find out our new mailing address
stock up on necessities so we won't have to do that at the last minute
finalize birth plan
find a good supplier of firewood
remember to breathe

October 7, 2011

pure joy

This photo has been circulating around facebook and it is just so awesome, I thought I would share it here (:


October 3, 2011

Day of the Dead banner!

I just added this awesome banner to my shop! Nine Day of the Dead sugar skulls all hanging pretty on an orange ribbon (: The banner is 52 inches wide (four and 1/3 feet across) so it fits nicely just about anywhere; On a mantle, above a doorway, from the ceiling, on a wall or as a table swag... I love love love it (:

The sugar skulls are my own original illustrations ~ I made three designs and created three colour variations. They are printed onto heavy cardstock and sewn to the ribbon. $12  for the set!

Here are the designs a bit more close-up:

Zip on over to the PipoDoll shop to see them there!


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