April 9, 2009

I am watching three birds eat from the feeders on our patio.

The day is pretty gloomy. Grey and overcast, bits of rain off and on. Tash left yesterday to catch the 12:05 flight back home to Canada. I tried to be strong but we both ended up crying at the airport. Isabella thought we were hilarious, probably because she has never witnessed either one of us crying before.

We tried to make the most of the day after her departure but I have to admit that I was a wreck. I'm pretty much still a wreck. Two weeks is not nearly long enough and it seemed to blast by at incredible speed.

At least I have a ton of prints to look through. We took her camera to Walgreens when there were just over 5oo photos and I printed a bunch. The next 5oo she'll throw onto a disc and send to me, and I can print those as well. She took some awesome pregnancy photos of me, which she did for my pregnancy with Isabella as well, and which I am so grateful for. I hope to post some on here soon.

Yes, I'm pretty sad. I'm not quite knowing what to do with myself, and I have had a ton of crying spells but hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel a bit more centered.


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