January 3, 2010

post-happy (-:

The opportunity to sit for a moment and weave together a blog post has been near impossible for quite a while.
Or anything really. I am getting the passionate "I need to create, to play, to feed my spiritual self, to be more simple" feeling,, Needing to nourish my soul.
So, I am going to mention a few things that truly bring me joy. Just because. Jude is sleeping in my lap and I have this sacred moment, just for me. It is a rarity.
My greatest joys right now:

hot chocolate with baby marshmallows
classical music
my wonderful new camera which Jason gifted upon me for Christmas (-:
tea. always tea.
slow walks outside
my cool handmade broom collection (Three so far)
my vintage aprons which are currently packed away and hiding but of which I think of often nonetheless
phonecalls to my beautiful Mother, so very far away in Ontario
thoughts of snow
peaceful moments
friendly, open, smiling people that I pass on the street
cool breezes and chimney smoke
my wonderful red Tibetan pants


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