April 25, 2011

easter recap

I Just ate a salad for lunch. And water. Jude is napping, Jason is reading and Bella is eating salad and watching a bit of a movie. Our Easter celebrations were a ton of fun, especially for the kiddos. Of course the Easter bunny popped by whilst everyone was sleeping and left both Isabella and Jude a basket full of trinkets, treats and toys. He also hid Jelly Belly's in plastic eggs throughout the house, which was a smart move on his part, on account of all the cats (five of them!) and the dog who roam about freely in the night causing mischief. The jelly beans were much safer in those eggs! This was Jude's first real Easter as he was much too small to understand what was going on last year. Isabella gave him a quick lesson on hunting for eggs, but he was much more interested in eating the contents of the very first one he found (: After the high emotion and excitement of the morning, Jason took Jude outside as it was the warmest day we have had in some time, and he was invited to take a ride on a neighbour's lawn mower. This has got to be Jude's dream come true. He LOVES anything that has wheels and goes fast! Towards the late afternoon, my sis and her beau arrived and we commenced our usual family joviality and the enjoyment of a beautiful, huge feast that my Mom had been working on for two days. Bless her, she is really something (: It was awesome. A lovely day spent. Jude was so torked by the evening that he couldn't sleep at all and ended up fussing and running around until midnight, saucy boy. Most likely, it was those jelly beans and chocolate that were the evil culprits (-;
The night before Isabella and I cooked up some natural dyes for making Easter eggs out of beets, red cabbage, yellow/brown onion skins and blueberries. We sat together as a family dying and decorating our eggs for quite a while; it was so relaxing (Grampa Joe took little Jude outside on an adventure walk so we could do our creative project with minimal interruption) but as we were finishing Jude happened in and had a great time dipping his egg over and over into the different dye colours. I have never made up the natural concoctions before, but it was so much fun! The colours come out very subtle, which I happen to like, truly Easter-y in their appearance. The best part was 'shopping for tons of onion skins at the grocery store! They were free, as it turns out (-;


  1. Sounds like a lovely Easter. Happy to find your blog. I've been admiring your work on etsy for some time.

  2. Thanks for popping by! And for the kind words (: Happy spring to you! xo


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