October 25, 2011

where we live

What a whirlwind. What change. We are still adjusting and there is so much newness, it is really very overwhelming. The move was pretty crazy and stressful but it got done, and I have worked like a madwoman to get settled in, unpacked and organized before this wee one arrives. He has been very obliging, staying put while I haul, clean, sort, lift, carry and push furniture around (; The house is nearly ready. In just five days almost everything has been unpacked and put where it's supposed to be..Now we are starting to really settle in, to light fires in the evening and remember where the spoons are.. We literally live in the forest; It is SO quiet here. No cars. What an amazing thing.


  1. amazing! congrats on getting settled before your babe arrives...We've been in our house 6 years and I still don't think I'm settled. hmmmm...maybe because I'm waiting for that house in the forest.

  2. Welcome home. What a wonderful place to be! And pretty amazing to get settled in so quickly. Wishing you and your family well!


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