September 13, 2012

exciting updates!!!

So then. Over the course of the summer, our chickens grew and grew and became way too big for our bathtub brooder, so we moved them outside into the wonderful chicken tractor that Jason built for them. It's awesome, and features an open run on the bottom with a coop on the top, complete with roosting bar and a communal nesting box. We move it every night so they wake up to a yummy new grassy patch each day. Happy chickens!

There are 11 of them in all. 10 hens and a rooster. We had a second rooster but found him a new happy home (: Originally we had no intention of having a rooster, but we ended up with two anyways. The guy we have now is much less pecky than the other one, so he can stay (-;
Ollie started crawling rather early for a baby o' mine! And eating solid food! He was ready in a way  that neither one of my other kids was. I suppose it's because he's the third child and has to catch up (-; At any rate, he is just the cutest little thing scooting around the floor and standing up against the furniture, filling the air with his adorable giggles and happy, beaming smiles.
Jude ~ three years old now ~ loves to feed Ollie! I wish I could say that I appreciate the help, but it's a bit messy for me in the end. Oh well.
And here is the best, most awesome and wonderful news of all.
We adopted two horses!!!!!!!
This is Coaltrain. He is pretty silly, as you can see! Here Jason was attempting to draw him, but he just wasn't having it; he was much more keen on eating the sketchbook. Life with horses is definitely very fun (: He is a retired racehorse ~ his racing career ended with a knee injury. I have to say, he is the sweetest guy. Very gentle, snuggley and lovely manners (: 
And here is Mossy. She is a gorgeous horse, but unfortunately she has turned out to be rather hard for us to manage; A bit of a wild thing! Being new to horse ownership, this has made me very emotional and upset, but I am now looking to find her a new home. She will be better off with someone more experienced.
I do love our farm in the woods. You know, we have lived here for 11 months now. Just one month more than baby Ollie's life here on earth! I remember how excited/nervous I was when I found this place in the summer of 2011..I was nearing my due date and anxious to find us a home so I could get unpacked and organized before Ollie was born. What an intense month that was, readying! But we did it. We were ready. And then he came, and I have basically not sat down since that time. So many chores, so much going on. It's all good, but it does fill up the days and moments to bursting capacity.
What a beautiful life this is. Indeed.

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