December 26, 2012

outside our window...

Jason has made some special friends (:


  1. How did he inspire that little chickadee to make friends? The chickadees in the west, I'm noticing, were a lot calmer than the ones here in the east. Our chickadees are flighty and flitty and incredibly nervous.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this!


  2. Well, we have been feeding them on feeders that hang really close to our kitchen windows so they have gotten used to seeing us and have learned that we are non-threatening. All he did was put some granola (we have also used suet) on his hand and waited near the bird feeding spot. It only took a moment and they were taking turns eating out of his hand! I think the trick is to look in the other direction and not move a muscle while they are eating on your hand (:
    By the way, we are in the east too!


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