May 7, 2013

The month of April in pictures.




It's a bit late to do an April post, but it was such a filled-to-the-brim sort of month that I didn't seem to have even one moment to document about it on my blog!
In short, we adopted two bottle lambs and again, our lives are forever changed!
I wanted the experience of raising lambs for both myself and the kids, but I am also excited at the prospect of learning to shear/card/spin their wool. They are beautiful, gentle, loving creatures, our 'Wooly Pippin' and 'Teapot'. I will write about them again soon (:


  1. Glad to see Lacey's little Darcy is doing well in his new loving home :-)

  2. Is that what his name was? Well, yes, he is quite frankly the most spoiled lamb in the whole world! And he is getting really big! A tiny runt no longer (: Thanks for visiting Jody (:


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