September 24, 2013

Jude loves his chickens so!

Here is Jude with the sweet Faverolle 'Jinj'. Jude named her.
A horrible wave of bronchitis went through our chickens this summer, twice, and nearly every chicken was affected. We lost three to the illness, and Jinj seemed to have the hardest time coming through the sickness. Her one eye stayed swollen for nearly a month after she became sick and when she finally beat the illness, her eye was cloudy. She can't see very well (or perhaps not at all) and is a bit clumsy so the other chickens are constantly bullying her. Jude and i feel bad for her so we hug her a little extra.

This hen (red sexlink) fell asleep when Jude held her this afternoon. Perhaps he is a chicken whisperer? (;

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