May 31, 2014

The very last of our May snippets (:

Jason planting on a rainy day, decked out in mosquito hat and layers of clothing.

Ollie has learned how to use scissors! He is 30 months old (:

I made potato soup, chili, and spaghetti with wild leeks and kale, all at the same time. I like to do this, and then we can eat for days and I don't have to cook. Very good for peace of mind!

Self portrait.

My wonderful fleeces! I still haven't done anything with them, but I will soon (: The one wrapped in the tablecloth is Woolly Pippin's, and the one on the table is Teapot's.

Our new 'clubhouse'. So far, there are three rules for members to know:
1. No mosquitos allowed
2. No fighting in the clubhouse
3. Be nice

Three huge morels that I spotted in the wooded area right beside our house!

Morel mushrooms from our woods

Jason watering the garden with collected rainwater

Ollie stickerface!

Tomorrow is the first day of June - and I still have not tucked away the winter gear! I suppose I was in disbelief that winter truly had gone on its way. We have been busy. Jason has been working diligently at getting the gardens ready and planted with heirloom flowers and vegetables. In all, we have seven gardens. He put in a whole new plot this year dedicated to growing Floriani Red Flint corn, and I look forward to using it for tortillas and bread come the wintertime. We have been foraging in the woods; wild leeks and morel mushrooms right now, plus some other wild edible mushrooms.

The lilacs are in bloom, and the kids and I have been spending tons of time outside with the lambs. We like to sit down in the pasture grass and feed dandelions to Noble. Shady Grove and Turnip leap and race and play and when they tire, they trot back over and lay next to me so that I have all 3 lambs leaning against me, and we just sit quietly and enjoy the sun and wind, and it is my happiest time in the day (:


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

    Well, I guess to comment that the bugs look bad is an understatement! Luckily we are not plagued by mosquitoes or black flies here like up North. I tend to do my cooking all at once also. Makes for a crazy couple of hours, but then I feel so productive!

  2. What will you do with the fleeces Samantha? I can come and show you if you need help....just ask :-)

    1. Jody, would you? I have done my reading but it would be much better to learn from an expert. I have sheared the sheep and that is all. I was going to wash the wool in the washer using the soak method..Yes, come and teach me! I would love it (:


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