August 28, 2014

Exciting news!!

We have two new ewes on the farm! They are icelandic sheep!

Their names are Magpie and Sweetgrass! 
They are older sheep, retired from breeding but were looking for a loving home. 

We fixed them up a lovely stall of their very own in the barn (:

I kept them in for three days and spoiled them with treats and affection. I wanted them to understand that this is their new home, and that it is a happy, safe place. Here the chickens are saying hello under the door.

And then, on the 4th day, I let them out with the other sheep. Here, Sweetgrass is enjoying the sun on her face (: They explored the property in little bits, and if they were startled by something, ran back to me. I was very happy that they acknowledged me as their shepherdess (: By the end of the day, they were travelling around the pasture with the other sheep, looking like they had always lived here (:

We all love the morning pasture sunlight.

I knew Sweetgrass's wool reminded me of something! 

These ewes came to us from a lovely Ontario icelandic farm and I am so looking forward to working with their wool next year! I am NOT, however, looking forward to getting all those burrs out. Sheep and burrs definitely don't mix! I cut down as many burdock plants as I could find in the pasture, but there are so many in other places that frankly, I give up. Next year I will coat the sheep. This year, I am letting go (:

I'll just love them! That's what sheep are for around here!


  1. What lovely ewes Samantha! They are spunky like the Shetlands :-))

  2. They're so sweet! I know they will be happy on your farm. We have a small flock of Shetlands, and they look very similar to the Icelandic sheep, except your Icelandics seem to have extremely fine and soft looking wool! I think Magpie and Sweetgrass will be providing you with some very lovely hats and mittens, or maybe a soft shawl for you. :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words Laura Jeanne (: I have always been very interested in Shetlands as well; They are such cute little sheep and have beautiful fleeces and markings (:

  3. It is so sweet the way that you love your sheep, just because, not because of what you can get from them. And that picture of your son's curls and the sheep's curls is just too funny!

  4. Samantha if you would like to clip the Icelandics next month I can help you. They can be sheared twice a year and the Fall clip is usually the nicest.

    1. Thanks for the offer Jody! I don't know though..They both came to me covered in burrs and have gotten more on them in the past couple days. I doubt the fall fleece would be a decent one! Also, what do you think - They are 6 yrs old, and have always been fully fleeced through the winters so do you think I should stay with that, for their health?

      Here is info from a very experienced Icelandic breeder.
      Plus you scissor shear and that leaves even more wool on than regular shearing. The white sheep has some nice looking locks and I could even spin some for you.

    3. That's a great article, Jody! Thank you for sharing it with me. Maybe I will shear the both of them. I will let you know! The dark one is amassed with burrs; she will be a nightmare I am sure, both to shear and to skirt her wool.


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