October 23, 2014

Happy is my heart!!

I have news! Wonderful news!

Jason and I have just purchased our first home!

We'll be moving there in a month or so (:

It was a crazy, turbulent and emotional journey - the beginning moments of creating our offer on the place to the signing of the mortgage papers two mornings ago. It was a raw experience similar to the way that childbirth and motherhood hits you; That is the only thing I can liken it to. The suspense, the fast pace of gathering documents and emailing them, making phone calls all day long...the uncertainty, the hope and worry..Oh, but it was a very powerful experience that I am grateful for! We have had so many helpers along the way, and so much support that my eyes have been teary more times than I can count these past few weeks from the immense gratitude bursting out of me! Jason's parents have basically been the key players; they helped us in such profound ways that I can never adequately thank them. Our realtor has been a constant, ever-reliable support and good friend to us all. Our mortgage broker was nothing short of a superhero with magical powers! What a ride!

For so many years we have rented, but now we are the proud and delighted owners of the prettiest little farmhouse in the whole world (: and lush, hilly pastureland surrounded by forest...and a gorgeous old barn! And tons of established heirloom gardens! My dream!

I am so happy!


  1. What exciting news - looking forward to seeing pictures! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

  2. Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing more of your home.


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