January 30, 2015

January food

After our move here, I was pretty spent. It has been nearly two months and in that time, I have been feeling  an overwhelming lack of motivation to do anything even slightly domestic. The laundry was piled sky high and the kids were obviously hungry but still I couldn't bring myself to cook or bake. They ate lots of toast and fruit, cereal, cheese and crackers and yogurt...It's intense being a full-time mama, trying to get settled, unpacked and sorted while managing a small business and a farm and feeling completely exhausted and just wanting a bit of quiet and stillness but never, ever finding it. But then all of a sudden, something lifted and just like that, I woke up a few mornings ago and I was actually awake, finally. When that happened, I made chicken noodle soup, butternut squash soup, two loaves of corn bread, and an apple crisp. Everyone was happy about that. The chicken soup came from our own free-range hens, the corn bread from our heirloom red flint corn, and the butternut squash soup from our own gardens (:

We have been eating the corn bread with Jason's yummy homemade strawberry jam, pairing it with soup.

And for a totally naughty-but-worth-it lunch, french fries. So good. We ran out of the delicious potatoes we grew last summer but these were still yummy.

This is breakfast. Every morning we all have a bowl of oatmeal with honey and tea. Lately echinacea has made it's annual appearance as sore throats and little coughs announce themselves. Jason and I add ground flax to our oatmeal, and Ollie and I love diced apples. 

And for dinner tonight..probably french fries again, and salad (-;

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