October 18, 2015

Ah, but we do love the month of October..!

In the past week we have seen poppies in bloom by our bean trellis, walked in sweaters outside while leaves danced and swooped above our heads, lit our very first fire of the season in the woodstove, and marveled at the first snowfall. Summer, autumn and winter are all very close together this October, which is rather disconcerting! Luckily, we managed to harvest the gardens, save for the dinosaur kale still sticking it out despite the frost and snow. The smell of autumn wood smoke does bring about a genuine feeling of cozy joy, and as I am compelled to do every time a season changes, I have been thoughtfully rearranging the furniture, and letting go of things we no longer need. I know we will be spending more time indoors now, so I want our home to reflect and support the crazy rhythm that is our life! I love autumn, so much. It is so fleeting that I am really trying my best to take it in, smell it in, feel it in..

Here Jude is sweeping through the house with a broom he made for himself.

He used pine boughs to make it, and it was the best smelling broom I have ever encountered :)

The black sheep is Turnip, and I think the white one is Noble. Hard to see from way down the road!

Red pants! My boys love their red pants! 

Isabella has been taking a creative makeup class at school and she's enjoying it immensely!

Our barn from the road.

Jason has been busy, sawing and chopping and stacking. 

Tomatillos! Jason made a DELICIOUS salsa with this batch.

This was the morning we had pumpkin pie for breakfast! With whipped cream on top!

October Poppy!

Autumn walk down our road.

Ollie working at his little desk by the woodstove :)

On October the 17th, it snowed! And it was so pretty.

Jude and Bella. Ollie is there too, hiding behind Jude's hand ;)


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