December 7, 2016


In November Jason tamed the wild chickadees and they learned to eat from our hands (and heads - and in the case of Ollie who was wrapped up by Jude like a mummy - off of his tummy!) 
Ollie had his fifth birthday. He is the littlest of us all, and yet a baby no more. Never in my life has five years flown by so fast! He is a dear boy; jolly and silly. He tells Jason and I that he loves us all day long, and does whatever he can think of to make us all laugh. He is quite the ham! We love him so!
We marveled at the supermoon, and Jude continued to make jack-o-lanterns well after Halloween because he discovered the joy of drilling them instead of carving! We started our meat chickens in late September and they were ready for the freezer in mid- November. They, combined with the 150 + canned jars of produce from our gardens in the pantry, hay in the loft and stacked firewood in the shed makes for great peace going into yet another Canadian winter. 

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