February 5, 2017

February's food and such

Here is our indoor garden! Jason has been growing some lettuce and kale in our bedroom.
Gardening doesn't stop just because there is four feet of snow outside!

These are gifts and snacks that the boys made for the gnomes.
They live in the big old maple tree on the edge of our property. There is a big opening in the base of the tree, and of course everyone knows that means it is a gnome dwelling.

Gluten free pizzas. Such a treat for lunch!

Chocolate banana bread, gluten free of course, and also egg and dairy free.

This was taken out the window of my art studio. I love my studio. It is the brightest room in the house, so we often congregate up there on any given day to draw and paint. The boys each have a desk and we light a candle and listen to music while we are creating. 

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