January 17, 2011

Embroidered Valentines! xoxo

Aren't they lovely? (:  Handmade Valentines!
The bird is my own original illustration, which I have sewn onto cardstock weight paper and then freeform embroidered. They are for sale in my shop, in sets of five for $15.oo. Yay!

Happy Valentine's day! Well, it's not here yet, but it will be soon!
Perfect for your love, perfect for your friends and children and everyone you know!
Check them out in my etsy shop (:


  1. They are wonderful! AND your print is finally on its way to you after what..? a month and a half!!!!! I'm so sorry!! Christmas was beyond hectic. Good luck selling these gorgeous valentines birdies, and have a wonderful week! :-)

  2. That is SOOO funny! I was feeling awful about not sending off your print promptly as well, after a ridiculously crazy-busy holiday whirlwind. I am glad you didn't forget me (: I haven't forgotten you either! I'll be mailing your print off tomorrow morning ;-D Happy new year! xo!

  3. phew, I was feeling so guilty!! Happy new year to you too! x


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