January 24, 2011

Featured! (:

My art prints have recently been featured in this blog ~ ~ and this blog! Yay!
Right now I am going to make myself some toast and lovely hot chocolate...

Done! (Yum!) Jude is taking a much-needed nap in the bedroom after a dreadfully fitful, sleepless night and Jason has run to the post to mail off a pile of packages (: I should be, if I were wiser on this day, napping alongside my sweet little one but I'd rather get some much-needed work done, and of course enjoy my hot chocolate, alone ;-)

I haven't found many sacred 'time pockets' as of late, which I customarily use to compose blog posts, reply to emails and get random computer work done. Hence the long spans of time reaching from one blog post to another... What to report?? To start, the temperatures here in Ontario have been amazingly cold! The windows are absolutely beautiful though, Their fleur-de-lis patterns of ice reaching from top to bottom. I have been inside for days,, trying my best to stay cozy, and keep Jude busy. He does miss his outside play when we spend an entire day indoors (which really means, he gets severely grumpy)!

I thought I might compose a fun list of the recent goings-on::

hot chocolate
family card games at the table
(reluctant on my part) all-nighters
oatmeal with honey for breakfast
fashion shows with Bella (which translates to Isabella trying on all my clothes)
fashion shows with Jude (which means, Isabella dressing Jude up in her old dresses and showing him off to everyone in the house ;-)
stolen moments of drawing in my orange sketchbook
LOTS of snow
endless cups of tea
trying our best to name all food items by their french pronounciations
looking longingly at my secret lover, 'sewing machine', sitting nonchalently at the end of the kitchen table
'The Woman in White' by Wilkie Collins ~ That's what I am reading right now
Quiet moments with Jude, nursing him before sleep
trying to relax and stretch and breathe
brushing the cats
brushing the dog
petting the bunny
eating toast for lunch when I don't want to waste time preparing anything more elaborate
piggybacks for Isabella
preparing art prints to mail out
playdates with great friends who also love tea ;-)
baking muffins
sweeping the floor 100 times a day
So many creative ideas but never enought time to bring them into fruition!


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  1. I used to try to keep track of our family "going ons". It really is fun how they change, and I've found if you don't keep track you will forget. I used to get on kicks where I would call my kids names or my husbands, the nick-names would change monthly, wish I would have kept track of those.
    I love your current going-ons - except the all-nighters...


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