March 27, 2011

love love love this

Oh my goodness, I love this. I happened upon it at the absolutely perfectly perfect time. I have been going through (or likely causing) a great deal of inner struggle, lack of drive and joy and creativity, distraction, feeling overwhelmed by all the varying aspects of my life and not knowing how to nurture my relationship with myself. I suppose this is part of the experience of being alive, or at least what we need to push through in order to know what it is to be alive, instead of being always trapped in one's circulating thoughts.
This short film has struck me in my path. I am moved and grateful (:


  1. This is a beautiful film, I've seen it before and it struck me then...watching it again has been good. I'm glad it has helped you, it is so hard when you are trapped in your own head and thoughts. I'm there too at the moment! I can see a way to go now though after a helpful chat with a friend yesterday.Have a good week :-)

  2. (: Thanks for reaching out! Chatting with optimistic-minded people is definitely a great way to come back to the moment and get out of your head..I suppose just about everyone goes through this, being stuck in their minds I mean. Except buddhists! Luckies ;-) I'm LOVING your print by the way. It brings me a lot of joy (: Happy week to you too!


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