March 25, 2011

you are my sunshine

When Isabella was 4 years old I took her to a summer camp. We stayed there for a whole month, as I was the arts and crafts instructor. She was much younger than most of the kids there; the beginning age being 7 or 8 as I remember, but a few of the other teachers also had little ones that they brought as well (: On one of the last evenings of camp, all the teachers and kids put on a talent show. Isabella wanted to sing a song on stage which surprised me at the time because she was such a shy little thing! Naturally, I wanted to help her pursue this uncharacteristic step of bravery so we painted a big happy sunshine on her shirt and we started practicing "You are my sunshine". It was so cute, the night she went onstage. She wanted me there so I sat on the stage floor beside her and held her hand. She sang her chosen song into a microphone in her sweet little girl voice, and there were many teary eyes from the innocence and beauty of it all (: I think this is one of my very favourite memories of all time, so when I came across this sweet little melody in the video up above, I thought it best to post it so I can come back and remember again and again. (:

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  1. That sounds like such a beautiful memory! I love that song it is the sweetest. Happy weekend to you!


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