February 11, 2012

cute little guy

I'm pretty sure this cute (saucy) little fellow found his afternoon snack in the newly-created hole in the bottom of our compost bin. Oh well, we all have to get by when the snows start to blow. I can share (: When I watch the antics of these silly red squirrels, I imagine Beatrix Potter creating a story about them. I know that she surrounded herself with animals, much in the way that we do here (: Just this morning, Jude who is now two and a half, walked by Mabel's 'house' and saw that she was low on food. He said something like, "Oh no bunny, would you like some food?" in a sweet, sing-song voice. He made lots of conversation with her while he refilled her dish and then petted her head gently saying, "awwwww, cute. Nice. Nice bunny." He is not so easy on the cats though..but I suppose that is the general way of toddlers and cats. He chases them and tries to use them as pillows...hmm.

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