February 8, 2012

the evolution (de-evolution?) of our snowman!

I wasn't able to photograph every single stage in the life of this snow~fellow, but I did capture a few! He made it through many snowstorms, warm melty days, changes of attire, and now he has been replaced with an ice-skating rink; a project that Jason began a few days back. Isabella is the only kid in her class that doesn't know how to skate on the ice (not surprising as she lived in California for 4.5 years!). We thought she could practice here at home, if only just to get a feel for it and at least have fun. Not everyone needs to be a figure skater or a famous hockey dude, after all (: I think it will be fun to have a little ice rink out back. My dad made one for us when we were little and I have a very happy memory of an ensuing hockey game that included our neighbour and of course, hot chocolate in the snow (:

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