February 28, 2014

Jason the woodcutter

During this long month of February, we were blessed with a handful of warmer-than-usual winter days. Valentines day happened to be one of them. Jason was quick to grab his chainsaw and head out into the forest to cut more firewood. This winter has been immensely cold, and we have used much more wood than the past few winters here. We were worried that we might run out by the end of February, and that would be very bad indeed. We heat with wood only, and this house of ours is very old and very cold (aka badly insulated) so we need to make sure we have enough. Jason is awesome. He cut down enough in just a couple days to last us the rest of the winter plus a bunch extra. He worked from morning to dusk and never stopped, except to drink the tea I brought out for him.
There are a ton of girls out there who want flowers and jewelry from their men, but not me! I want a good man who will work all day in the woods, knee-deep in the snow with frozen fingers and cold, wet boots, cutting and splitting firewood to keep me and my little ones warm. I think that this act of devotion and love speaks volumes above the flowers and jewelry. This is the real deal. 

Sam + Jason

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  1. I agree! I'm not a diamond jewelry or pesticide covered flower kind of girl either. My husband lugs in multiple loads of firewood everyday that sometimes I take for granted. Thanks for reminding me - he deserves a big smacker!


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