March 2, 2014

painted boys

We almost forgot about face painting around here, but then Jude stumbled upon Ollie's pumpkin costume and suddenly, it all came back to him (-; So we painted. Or rather, I painted. Jude is supposed to be a pumpkin but he and Bella thought he looked more like a tiger. Oh well, either is good. Ollie really rocks the man-beard! But sadly, our beloved face paints are nearly gone now; We have been using the same set for over six years, in two countries and for countless painting occasions. Here's a sweet post from 2009 of my Bella with her face painted in preparation for Valentine's day (:I hope I can find another set as good as these when I've used the very last bit of paint!

1 comment:

  1. Good wholesome fun on a cold winter's day! Got them smiling!


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