April 8, 2015

random good times

A late night doodle!

Readying for apple crisp

Apple crisp just about to go into the oven

Little boys explode toys

Chicken noodle soup at back; potatoes and onions for Spanish omelettes in the front

Chicken noodle soup!

Backyard visitors

Jude and Ollie playing in the "spring" air

My Rosy Ollie!

I can't wait until the landscape is green!

Superheroes (-;

The bravest of all Supermen

Jason in the barn

Macaroni and cheese with homemade gluten free croutons on top

Jason's lunch

Jude and Matilda

In the bedroom

On warmer days, we go outside and RUN!

...and poke the mud

It's very cathartic to play in the cool mud

We had our very first outside lunch of the year! The boys were beyond delighted

Ollie is Spider-man!

and here he is as Darth Vader

And last but not least, a delicious chocolate-chip cookie cake!


  1. Great pictures - I can't wait to see photos of your land without snow! It looks beautiful. As a girl with a major sweet tooth - that last picture is my favorite! What a pretty cast iron skillet.

    1. Thank you! I know, I am super excited to see what the land IS! We bought it right on the verge of winter so we have no idea what is in store. It's quite an adventure (: And that pretty skillet - I love that thing; it was free. Someone was going to throw it out!

  2. I love the pictures of your home - they remind so much of ours - and the picture of your son with his underwear on his head - well we were watching the BBC series, Larkrise to Candleford and our three year old noticed how some of the characters wear night caps to bed and so she decided her underwear would make a good night cap - for a few nights in a row!

    1. That is hilarious about the underwear as a nightcap! It must be a three year old thing (-; Thank you so much for writing (: xo


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