October 2, 2015

The farm, the garden, this life!

Ollie, drawing! He'll draw all day if left undisturbed :)

Enjoying the last of summer's flower offerings!

Isabella arm-knitting herself an infinity scarf. It looks awesome!

Ollie loves to help me harvest, using little baskets.

Tomatoes waiting to be roasted into sauce.

Here are some of our 37 white rock chickens, feathering out in the barn.

A new chicken coop in the making! Jason is building in inside the barn.

Our house from the hill behind. How I love it here!

Jason and Jude walking on the hill, and munching on snacks.

These pictures are from 1-2 weeks ago. In that time much has changed, as it always does! The white rock chickens are getting huge and will go in to be processed in four weeks, the new coop has a stud frame and some walls up, and the weather has shifted from summery to freezing cold! We are scurrying around harvesting the last of the gardens' offerings and currently have pumpkins, tomatoes, butternut squash, beans, and herbs in the living room, mudroom and kitchen. It is a beautiful time of year, autumn. My favorite.


  1. Hello! I stumbled across your blog and was delighted to find another Canadian living so similarly to us! We live on the other side of the country though, but I also raise sheep ~ merinos and romneys and gotlands. Fibre heaven. I am interested in your paintings...do you sell them? They are wonderful! Happy to find you,
    xo Jules

    1. Hello Jules!! Sorry for the late reply! It is SO good to meet you, fellow Canadian sheep keeper :) I think I have read your blog before; the name seems familiar, so I will pop by again :) To answer your question, yes I do sell my paintings. I just finished listing them in my shop www.pipodoll.etsy.com
      That only took me a couple months to do ;)
      So good to meet you, and thanks a million for stopping by and leaving a few kind words!
      xoxo Samantha


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