August 27, 2009


I have Isabella and Jude to myself these last few days of summer. Jason is at work already, participating in teacher planning meetings and preparing his room for the coming school year. Isabella will start on Monday and then Jude and I will have all the weekdays to ourselves. Yesterday Isabella and I were very creative, making the bed and accessories for her dolls. Today has been quite different. Up at 6am with Jude, and then basically wandering around for the past six hours with him attached to my chest, fussy but refusing to sleep. He is now finally resting, being rocked in his swing (I love the swing. Very very very helpful.) Isabella has been busy writing a letter to her penpal, looking through my box of stickers, cards and special papers, and reading one of her many novels from the library. Despite Jude's fussiness there has been a lovely calm to our day as we float from one thing to another, drinking tea after tea and watching the light in our apartment move and change with the passing moments and hours. I do love motherhood. Love the company of small humans. with their creativity and spontaneity and simpleness.

Soft Lily kitty has jumped up onto my lap for an afternoon snuggle.

The creativity in me is warmly burbling, ready to come out yet again. This time in paint perhaps, although I have been dying to sew again. The rug Jason and I are working on has taken a short vacation, my wrist sore and overworked from hours spent braiding fabric strips. I think it is just about ready to begin again.

These pictures I just took. Jude allowed me a five minute break from severe exhasution and the resulting fuss to smile and wriggle while I stood ready with my camera. Sweet sweet boy...

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