August 29, 2009

our patio (-:

We are lucky enough to have a large patio off of our apartment. Out of the 30 units in this building, we are the only one. Coming from a home with over an acre of grassy lawn and trees and ample room for gardening, I think I would be rather sad had we not aquired this place. We have't done nearly enough with it, knowing that eventually we would be moving on,, but nonetheless, we have a few potted trees, flowers and succulents. They bring me such joy. My little friends. We also have many bird visitors to our patio, thanks to the diligent seed-supplying and birdbath-filling efforts of Jason. Stellar jays, titmice, sparrows, finches, mourning doves and chickadees come, bringing their sweet babies and creating lots of beautiful sounds for us to enjoy.

The simple pleasures are, for me, the most profound..birdsong, a flower, morning sunshine, a really good cup of tea, a beautiful song, a happy baby sitting on my head...


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