October 20, 2009

Jude is four months old (-:

I love him so much!
Even when he wakes me up at 1 am and won't go back to sleep ~
It's 2:30 am now and I have given up trying to encourage him back into dreamland.
He is on the couch beside me wriggling and jabbering to himself...
I do hope he finds a better sleep pattern soon. sigh.

The night is rather lovely.
Truly, I have always been a night owl, having inherited the trait from both my mother and father.
They currently stay up all night and head off to bed at dawn. I followed the same schedule for years,
the company of teacup after teacup warming me in the cool night as I sat at the kitchen table writing
and drawing and chatting with my Mom. Those were the happiest of days (-:
An immensely creative time.

And now I sit here yet again in the cool night air, a burbling baby beside me, lights off,
husband sleeping (hopefully).
The next time this happens, I should like to pull out my ink and brushes and get some work done.
But hopefully this won't happen again.

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