October 12, 2009

happy thanksgiving (-:

...If you are Canadian that is, which I very much am ~ even though I happen to live in California (: It has been three years that I have missed eating pumpkin pie with my family in Canada, but I always make one here for us to enjoy together. The hallowed pie happens to be in the oven at this very moment...Exciting!

I have been in a jolly baking mood as of late. The whisperings of autumn ignite this passion in me. On Friday, I baked banana-blueberry-raspberry-blackberry bread and Isabella and I enjoyed it with 'cream earl grey' tea flavoured with a touch of honey and soy milk.

I taught Jude how to make the perfect cup if tea this morning. He liked watching me pour in the honey and the clinking sounds of the spoon as it stirred. He even helped me prepare for pie making, shaking the evaporated milk and pointing to the recipe's directions. He is very smart for a 15-week old baby (-: He got extremely exhausted at the prospect of actually making a pie, so he decided to rest while I did all the hard work (-:

Wow, I can really feel the autumn spirits beckoning. Is there a more magical time of the year? I think not. We got our pumpkins over a week ago now ~ Three big, deep orange ones. Very Halloween-y. I love them. I am not quite sure what mine will become as I carve it,, It's usually just whatever comes out. I'm not much of a planner...

Oop! Just ten more minutes and my lovely pie baby can come out of the oven! Yay!

Happy thanksgiving!

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