October 22, 2009

Cutie Patootie

This little munchkin has been laughing more and more lately,
his favourite inspirations being 'raspberry' sounds, burps, zerberts,
and the clap sound we make when he 'gives me five'..
Very cute.

His night-time sleeping has been a bit crazy.
Up every single hour, wanting to nurse,
irritable and uncomfortable and completely, all-around
non-peaceful. I am wondering if his teeth are coming in.

Yesterday I walked to pick Isabella up at her friends' house after school.
I wrapped Jude up into the MobyWrap and we strolled downtown.
Overall, I carried him in there for an hour and a half and he was calm and
awake the entire time! Such a good little travel-buddy (-:
We took Isabella to the public library because we saw that their
Dog reading program was happening and we were hoping to visit our
favourite dog Griffin. As luck would have it, the child who was scheduled
 to read with Griffin never came, so Isabella read him a book about cats.
He is a very sweet dog - he snuggled up against her and drifted off to sleep.
Jude was very sociable, smiling at the librarian and cooing softly at the
rows of books. When we neared our street, he finally dozed off.
I made dinner once we got in, did the dishes and prepared school lunches.
I do love baby-wearing ♥ It makes so much sense. And it is so very cozy.

This picture is almost two years old now ~ Isabella reading to Griffin ♥
I didn't realize they had been friends that long (-:

Today I hope to finish some creative tasks that I have been slowly working on.
Jude is busy working as well; practicing his grasping of various objects, rolling,
putting things in his mouth, standing and sitting with a bit o' help,
smiling and laughing. Cute (-:

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