June 4, 2010

Jason the art teacher

These are some of the awesome art projects Jason has been doing with the kids at one of the schools he teaches at. Yesterday he brought me to see the arrangement he created on the walls of the cafeteria in preparation of the school open house that evening. It looked amazing (-: The artwork itself was vibrant and happy; A lovely mix of colour, style and technique. The butterfly pictures seemed to be flying upwards towards the stage... The pictures really don't do the work justice but I just have to say that I am so proud of Jason and the profound things he does with these kids as their art teacher. Instead of doing the hard parts for them, he encourages them to do it on their own. Instead of assuming that, just because they are children they are incapable of greatness, he introduces them to artistic processes and techniques they have never been exposed to before and helps them to achieve creative success. The kids love him. At the schools he teaches at he is pretty much a celebrity (-: It's not hard to see why ~ His presence in their lives opens a door to artistic expression, to beauty and colour and fun. Art really shouldn't be considered a priveledge; It should be included as a fundamental part of every child's education..But while the school system still struggles to get it right, I commend my wonderful husband and the excellent work he has inspired in these kids. Jason, you are the best and so appreciated (-: I love you so much!


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