June 16, 2010

wash wednesday


Inspired by Garden Mama's Wash Wednesdays, here is my lovely clothesline in the city. I will only be able to use it for two more weeks, and then I will find myself in Canada again..I will genuinely miss my little clothesline, which Jason strung up for me in a few moments' time with a simple piece of rope. It may not be extravegant but I love it, I frequently leave Jude's diapers to 'sun' themselves for days at a time just because I like to see them there..It brings me a certain joy to glimpse them gently swaying in the breeze through the window, bright white from the sun (:


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    I love the black and white and reading your sentiments surrounding your line : )
    Warmest wishes to you on your move xo

  2. Such a pretty re-design (though I'll miss your red-kercheifed bird-girl.) Thinking of you and all the busy-ness which I expect surrounds you now as you prepare to move... and all the excitement and anticipation of returning to live among family (& summer rains & red autumn leaves & lovely snow-y winters!)


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