June 22, 2010

Mabel and the new red rug.

With all the baby news going on around here, you might not even think that we do, in fact, have an adorable, snuggly, pretty, brown Mabel~bunny! It has been a loooooong time since I last made a post about her, and I figured it was time to do just that (: Mabel...the sweetest bunny in the world (:
Our neighbours got a funky new rug for their apartment recently so we took in their older one. It's a funny time to do such a thing considering the fact that we are moving in just ONE WEEK! We have been trying to eliminate clutter as much as possible, and bringing home something new is a bit odd, but still...
Well, it has turned out to be a brilliant rug! Mabel LOVES it! She is a very good 'trained' bunny, which means that she knows her cage is her home and spends lots of time in there, even though we leave the door open all day long. She has a litter box and uses it ~ she is a very well-mannered bunny (: But she has a small problem which is that, unlike dogs or cats, she has soft, furry feet bottoms which cannot get any traction on slippery wooden floors! She doesn't like to slip and slide on the floor so she doesn't come out of her cage very much at all )-: This probably also has a bit to do with the fact that our three cats think it's a fun game to chase her when she is hopping about, skittering and skating, poor girl. Soooo, we took in this rug and she immediately hopped out of her cage and jumped all over the rug and was the happiest I have seen her in over a year! She even did a couple 'binkies' today! (If you are unfamiliar with the term, you can read about/see it here). She is a very jolly bunny and that brings me so much joy (-: Rabbits are subtle, but I know Mabel well and can read her really good now ~ I could tell that she wasn't as happy as she was before Jude was born, for obvious reasons: 1. He gets loads of attention and she gets less than she used to. 2. We have to keep her 'bunny wall' up or else Jude bothers her waaaayyy too much and she thinks he's scary. 3. The cats are mean to her when she comes out of her cage and try to chase her back in.
Needless to say, things are much, much better for Mabel right now, thanks to this wonderful, unexpected gift of a simple rug (: I let her enjoy her freedom whenever Jude takes a nap and after he goes to bed at night, and the cats seem to understand that she is not to be 'play-prey'. If they get ridiculous, at least I am nearby to shut them in the bathroom for a time so that Mabel can hop freely (-:
I hope she can remember how happy she felt hopping on the red rug when she is traveling across the country in the cargo department of a plane one week from now...

1. Mabel posing on the red rug
2. Lying on Jason's lap after her nail trim
3. Reading my book
4. Hopping around my feet
5. Kissing my leg



  1. Such a darling bunny! Samuel has been attending a little summer camp in the mornings at our local middle school. Every morning when we arrive, we find tables all set up for the children, and in the center of each table is a bunny hopping around from child to child, looking for love, attention & maybe a snack. I think there are 9 rabbits (plus a parrot, a mama hen & 4 newly-hatched chickies!) My favorite is a little lionhead-rabbit. He's a very busy bunny... so jolly & very friendly!

    Thanks for posting re: Mabel. See you Thursday!

  2. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful thing for the children! That sounds like a lovely summer camp (: I have always loved rabbits ~ Mabel is the 6th bunny I've had the pleasure of caring for in my life. We rescued her from a shelter and we're not really sure how old she is..
    See you tomorrow! We're looking forward!

  3. I love that she also is a reading rabbit! :)

  4. Oh yes, she is very smart! If you ever get a rabbit, make sure it can read too ;-)

  5. AnonymousJune 24, 2010

    Such a cute bunny! She looks like a snuggler :)

  6. She is sooooo sweet! I used to have a b+w rabbit called poppy, she was a house rabbit for a while and I adored her. I have been thinking of getting a cat when we move to a house in january (we live in a city flat now) but now I'm thinking maybe a bunny might be a nice idea. They are so sweet and subtle like you say but when you get to know one they are the best!


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